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Pedi Angel

4 Roller textures

4 different grades made from micro minerals

Pedi Angel

Up To 10,000 RPM

Fast, safe and effective

Wallet Ninja So Many Uses

Easy to clean

Just rinse the rollers under water

Pedi Angel

Are you battling with exceptionally dry, cracked he els due to walking barefoot too long or perhaps you’re just genetically inclined to this unsightly, and sometimes painful condition? Well, look no further as we introduce the Pedi Angel, a new, grou nd-breaking tool that removes callused skin on your feet quickly, easily and conveniently!

With its innovative variety of unique micro mineral pumice stone rollers, you’ll be left with perfectl y professional and satisfying exfoliation. All that unwanted hard or callused skin will be a thing of t he past!

There are a variety of 4 unique rollers to choose f rom, each with their own varying grade, making the Pedi Angel suitable for all skin types and skin con ditions. The micro mineral rollers are specially designed to remove all hard, dry, rough, callused a nd cracked skin using a gentle, effective and impressive method. You’ll be totally surprised at the results you’ll experience in mere seconds!

The Pedi Angel is also very easy to use. Push the unlock button and simply replace the selected pumice stone roller that suits you. The selection of rollers is personal and varies from individual t o individual depending on person preference, needs an d skin type.

The days of paying exorbitant fees for professional pedicures are long gone – the Pedi Angel is all you need for those beautiful feet. Thanks to Pedi Angel, you can now say goodbye to those unsightly cracked and painful heels with hard, call used skin, and say hello to gorgeously soft feet with beautiful skin for good!

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Pedi Angel