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Tuff Glove

Save Your Hands

Protect your hands from searing heat

Tuff Glove

High Heat - No Problem

Hot car Engines or flip hard to reach steaks

Tuff Glove

Thermal High Tech Fibre

Derived from Military Technology

Tuff Glove

 A revolutionary oven glove that is safe to use up to a blistering 260 degrees Celsius!

 We all know how difficult it is at times to handle hot pots on the stove and how exceptionally painful those burns, no matter how slight, can be.  Oven mitts don’t always do the trick as they often slip and slide and oven gloves often prove to be too big and bulky to obtain a proper grip.  Save your hands with the innovative Tuff Glove, an incredible multi-purpose glove that protects your hands against temperatures of up to 260 degrees Celsius!

Tuff Glove is made of ground-breaking thermal resistant Ultra High Tech Fibres that were originally developed for use in the military.  Due to this revolutionary development, Tuff Glove allows you to grab that hot, heavy roasting dish with both hands and the heat doesn’t even begin to penetrate. You can even slide your hand under a pot or pan for easy lifting as well as move that hot oven rack with absolute ease and comfort.

Tuff Glove now ensures that steaming with hot metal lids is a breeze and sautéing is trouble-free!  Tuff Glove is also perfect for outdoor grilling and the lifting of hot grates.  The heat just literally does not transfer.  Using a fork to flip steaks and checking to see whether that potato is cooked through is now simple as the safety and protection of your hands is guaranteed.

Thanks to the innovative Tuff Glove’s ergonomic design, you are now able to complete even the most delicate of tasks.  Get yours today! 

Features and Benefits

  • Superior Heat & Fire Protection
  • Fit Comfortably on Either Hand
  • Machine Washable 
  • Available in 3 Colours 
  • Create Secure Grip 
  • Use Cooking, Baking or Grilling 
  • Military Technology

1.) How soon will I get my Tuff Glove

We try and ship your Pressurer Pro  within 24 - 48 hours of receiving your order. During seasonally busier periods, there could be slightly longer delays in processing orders.

2.) Who will deliver my Tuff Glove

We usually deliver your Tuff Glove  via Australia Post. Bigger items will be dispatched via an appropriate courier service

3.) What is the warranty on my Pressure Pro

The warranty is 12 months from date of purchase. Please contact us if you have any warrany issues with your Tuff Glove.


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Tuff Glove