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Wallet Ninja 4 x Heat Treated Stainless Steel

4 x Heat Treated Stainless Steel

Will not rust, bend or dull

Wallet Ninja fits into your wallet

Fits in your Wallet

Sits easily amongst your credit cards

Wallet Ninja So Many Uses

So Many Uses

A handy tool to always have on you

The Wallet Ninja is the ideal gadget for the everyday warrior! This impressive 18 tools in one, credit card sized sheet of metal includes screwdrivers, hex tools, letter, box and bottle openers, a can opener and an orange peeler to name but a few! This impressive little gadget is made from heat treated steel and is TSA flight approved so can literally accompany you everywhere!

The Wallet Ninja proudly boasts six wrenches, four screwdrivers, four openers, two rulers and even a fruit peeler! It even doubles as a cell phone stand! Can you believe that this tiny credit card sized tool kit even fits your much needed Phillips and flat head screws and fits virtually any size household screw as well, including those teeny tiny ones that you find in your spectacles and sunglasses.

And that’s not all! It also has 6 size hex wrenche s for any tightening requirements, a can opener for camping trips and a much-needed bottle opener for barbecues. You will be the highlight of any social event with this practical all-in-one tool set !

It also has a centimetre ruler on one side, but not only that - flip it over and you have two measuring inches! Slide any credit card into the credit card slit and you magically have a stand for your smart phone!

The incredible, lightweight, credit card sized Wallet Ninja is simply the greatest in new-age toolkit technology. It fits easily into any wallet or purse, saving you in any tricky situation with all its incredible applications. Don’t be caught without one!

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Wallet Ninja