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About Teledeals

Today's retail environment is burdened with a vast selection of undifferentiated consumer products distributed across multiple retail channels. The only value differential to the consumer in the final decision making process in purchasing these products is to seek the lowest price, yet expecting quality and after sales service to remain at exceptional levels, challenging the old dictum of "Quality, Price or Service - Pick any two"!

Our mission at Teledeals is to constantly search the world's markets to find innovative, high quality offerings that represent great value to the consumer yet provide a high level of differentiation, innovation, uniqueness and return on investment to the retailer. We support our ranges of products both through selected major retail partners and directly via Direct Response TV (DRTV).

We pride ourselves in our ability to multi-channel market and distribute our products, well within a competitive pricing structure, as well as sourcing new products on an ongoing basis and protecting brands on our journey with our retail partners.